An Important Message For Our Staff & Customers

Last week, we found ourselves in entirely unprecedented circumstances, resulting in what was truly a rollercoaster week for us and our wider teams.

Since the government’s announcement of support for businesses via the Staff Retention Scheme, we have seen a wide variation in interpretations and action from other hospitality employers.

We understand it is an anxious time for many people and that companies who choose to be less transparent with their teams can add to the confusion and stress. For that reason, we want to send an open and honest message to our teams and our customers.

G1 want to make the following assurances-

  • Every one of our staff’s jobs are safe, including those with less than 2 years’ service and those who are hourly paid.
  • We have committed, with support from the scheme, to pay 80% of their basic wage to each and every employee, for a period of 3 months as laid out by the government.
  • Whilst the detail of the scheme is worked through in full, G1 has made arrangements with its banking partners to cover the costs of all of its employees salaries to ensure no staff member is disadvantaged whilst waiting on the scheme to formally kick in.
  • For any members of our teams where 80% of their standard salary was above the £2,500 cap, G1 will bear the costs of any required top up in full, in each and every case.

We trust that the above is helpful and look forward to seeing you all in our venues as soon as it is safe to do so. We are delighted and relieved that our loyal workforce will be there to welcome you when that day comes.

In the meantime we encourage them, along with everyone else, to stay home and stay safe.