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Congratulation to all students who have or are nearly finished their university course. Your graduation ceremony is a celebration of your achievement and hard work over the past 4 years. It is a time to get together with family, friends and colleagues to acknowledge your success before moving on to the next phase of your chosen career!

Whether you choose to celebrate it with all of your family, or the friends that went through the tears, tantrums & all-day library sessions with you, what better place to do that than at The Murrayfield Hotel, your home from home.

We know that graduating is a scary prospect but we’ve thought of a few things you have to look forward to!


No more long hours in the library. That’s right, unless you get a job as a librarian, you no longer have to visit the library or computer lab at 2am to get your report done for the next day.


No more referencing! This must be music to every graduate’s ears, for most students, referencing is the one tedious part of university they will not miss.


No more dreaded 9 am lectures.


No more 10,000 word essays. We know every student has struggled to make up word counts and in some cases, struggled to cut down words to fit to a certain word count.


The only thing left to do is celebrate!

Here, at your home from home, we’ve put together a carefully crafted 3 course meal, with a glass of fizz, for only £23.95 per person. What better way to celebrate than with good food and good company? If you’d like to book your celebratory meal, call our team on 0131 337 1844.